What is Good Posture for Runners?

Running is a healthy activity that many people want to do in their daily life.

Some experts believe that running can improve the blood circulation effectively. There are many benefits offered by this activity. Because of that reason, many people do regular running exercise frequently. However, all runners should keep their proper running posture position. Some of them may ask, “What is good posture for runners?”.

Many running experts believe that there are some proper postures that people should do when running, for example pose running.

All runners should have proper posture, so they can improve their overall health and performance.

proper running posture

Moses Mosop From Kenya Running Posture

Here are some useful posture building tips for all runners. 

1. Keep the head up

This is the first position that all people should have when they are running.

proper running head posture

This position can prevent any injuries that may happen on the neck or head. Some experts believe that this position is the main key for all runners to get perfect posture. All runners should look ahead naturally and scan the environment.

This position can bring a good alignment between back and neck.

2. Relax the shoulders

This is another tip for runners who want to get proper posture when they are running.

It is important for them to relax their shoulders. Shoulders are very important to keep the upper body balance. For getting optimum performance, all runners should keep their shoulders low and loose. They should not have high or tight shoulders, so they can avoid any shoulder injuries.

3. Run with torso and back upright

This position becomes very important for all runners. They are able to run well and properly with this posture position. They have to run with back and torso upright, so they can run very quickly. Proper torso and back position can improve the flexibility of the runners’ body. Therefore, they are able to run easily without having any issues. 

4. Use the arms to create good body balance

Arms are very useful to create good body balance in most people.

proper running arm positioning

Therefore, all runners should take advantage of their arms. They have to maintain the position of their arms when doing this regular activity. These arms are very useful to control all tensions on the upper body. Most runners know how to swing their arms back and forward naturally to improve their performance.

5. Push off the ground properly

Many experts recommend this tip for all runners from around the world.

It is very important to push off the ground properly. People need to push the ground with their maximum force. They are able to run very quickly by having proper feet position. However, they also need to take a look at their ankle position.

These ankles should be flexible enough to avoid ankle injuries.

It is important for all runners to maintain their proper posture position. Running is a healthy activity when it is done correctly. People should also have some warming up exercises before they do their running activities. These exercises are very useful to prepare all muscles to work properly when running.

Having a good posture is very important for all runners who want to improve their running performance.