Running The Sole F85 Treadmill For Cardio Workout

The best cardio machine any person can choose is one that has all the features that make workout not only purposeful, but also safe, in this article we take a look at the Sole F85 Treadmill (and give you a short review).

N.B. This article is scheduled for an update in early 2017, right now it’s slightly out-of-date, but the main points still holds!

Some of the best features for cardio equipment include proper dimensions, high weight threshold, clear display, power system and monitoring software. Today, the markets are full of some of the best cardio machines that fitness clients can choose. SOLE Fitness is one of the makers of fitness equipment and treadmills including the best folding treadmill; the SOLE F85 Treadmill.

About Sole Treadmills

SOLE Fitness is a company that makes some of the best fitness equipments in the world.

sole f85 from sole fitness

Treadmill From Sole Fitness

SOLE treadmills{*} and other fitness equipments can be used in gyms, at homes, in hotels and or any other venue of clients’ choice. This company currently ships its treadmills within the US and provides relevant repairs and other treadmill-maintenance services at client’s home/ other venues.

It is worth noting that SOLE Fitness gives a significant warranty of its treadmills.

The Best Cardio Workout

Running, jogging, jumping, walking, weight lifting and or any other manual tasks, increase the heart rate of a person.

Heart rate increases as the heart works hard to pump oxygen-filled blood to all the body organs, and drain de-oxygenated blood from those organs. The best cardio equipment should maximize the activity of body muscles and organs for the heart rate to increase.

cardio heart rate

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Cardio exercises burn body fat, but, most importantly, work the heart to burn fats/ cholesterol that may be depositing around the heart; increasing the risk of a cardiac arrest.

The Best Cardio Machine: SOLE F85 Treadmill

Treadmills are some of the best cardio machines since they engage the movement of the whole body.

SOLE F85 Treadmill has been rated as the Best Buy by the Treadmill Doctor. This machine has also been reviewed as The Best Folding Treadmill in the fitness industry today.

About SOLE F85 Treadmill

Technical Details of the F85 Sole Treadmill

SOLE Fitness has many treadmills, but this specific treadmill’s name is SOLE F85 Treadmill (reviewed here{*}).

sole f85 treadmill console

This treadmill measures 80 inches (length) by 30 inches (width) by 58 inches (height). Whereas its deck measures 80 inches by 30 inches, its running surface measures 60 inches by 20 inches. The entire treadmill weighs 265 pounds and can accommodate users of up to 400 lbs. On Amazon, Sole F85 Treadmill’s Item Model Number is F85-2013, and its ASIN is B0090X05V2.

Thirty-four (34) customers have reviewed this treadmill on Amazon and given it a rating of 4/5 stars.

Product Description

SOLE F85 Treadmill is approved for gym, hotels and home cardio use, thanks to its sufficiency of features and size.

The treadmill has one of the widest decks (80 inches by 30 inches) compared to other treadmills. It, thus, provides a wide enough platform for all users to run smoothly. The running belt of this treadmill is soft (giving users a soft landing), and its movements are noiseless. Users, thus, need not worry about switching-on their SOLE F85 Treadmills any time of day or night for a quick cardio workout.

The treadmill is powered by a powerful motor.


In addition to the wide deck and running belt, this treadmill has a 9 inch LCD screen that displays important parameters regarding the progress of a person’s workout.

Some of the LCD’s displayed parameters include pace, heart rate, speed, user-travelled distance, pulse, calories and Incline, among others. People can also plug in their MP3 players and listen to their choice of music during workout, from the treadmills in-built speakers.

Other features that make F85 SOLE Treadmill one of the best cardio equipments include heart rate monitors, pulse grips, six custom programs, chest straps and two cooling fans. With these features, not only can treadmill users enjoy a cool home workout, but they also get to monitor their workout results (pulse, heart rate and speed) in an effort to perfect those parameters.

The controls of this treadmill are easy; enabling people to adjust the treadmill’s speed to their workout needs.

Availability, Cost and Shipping

F85 SOLE Treadmill, also referred to as SOLE F85 Treadmill, is currently available on Sole Fitness ( and Amazon as the best at home cardio equipment, as well as the best cardio equipment for other venues.

Sole Fitness (the company that makes Sole Treadmills) and Amazon are selling each Sole F85 Treadmill at a price of $1,699.98, from the previous price of $2,999.99. Both Amazon and Sole Fitness ship the SOLE F85 treadmills to buyers free of charge.


The best cardio machine is not one that is overly expensive or one that has complicated technology.

Rather, the best cardio equipment is one that is easy to operate, can be set up anywhere, and has the necessary features that enable a person monitor his/ her workout activities and results. The SOLE F85 Treadmill has been rated one of the best cardio machines due to its ease of operation and numerous features. This treadmill is available on Sole Fitness and Amazon at a discounted price of $1,699.98, from $2,999.99, and it is delivered free of charge.

Whereas there are many equipments for the best cardio workout, treadmills and ellipticals provide good workout alternatives.

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