The Posture Now Corrective Brace For Runners

If you’re like many people, you find yourself slouching more as the day goes on, and posture now might be just what you need.

This is natural.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE! This post was originally written in early 2015, and things have change slightly since then. The main takeaways are still true, but some details may have changed (specifically the design and available color schemes). For your convenience I will update all the details early next year (2017). -Bob

As our muscles get tired, it becomes more difficult for them to support our body correctly and we tend to slouch.

Of course, this doesn’t come without consequences. If you are like one of the many people who suffer from poor posture, you may very well suffer from problems that go along with poor posture, such as back pain, stiffness, headaches and so forth. Posture Now promises to alleviate some of these problems without having to use a very restrictive brace.

What Is It And What’s the Fuzz About

posture nowPosture Now is a simple device that is designed to serve as a means of correcting your posture over time.

According to the manufacturer, Posture Now works by retraining your muscles and utilizing the muscle memory that results from the retraining to encourage you to sit with proper posture.

The idea is relatively simple. Utilizing an elastic band and two cups that go around your upper arms, the brace gently encourages you to sit up straight. The idea is to avoid the overly restrictive braces that many people rely upon to correct their posture.

The manufacturer’s literature claims that the device can be worn above or below the clothing, making it inconspicuous, if desired.

What Does It Do To Your Running And Posture Now

good running postureAccording to the manufacturer, 2015, Posture Now can gradually retrain your muscles.

Muscle memory is a valid concept. By teaching the muscles to work differently, some issues can be treated and even resolved. For more in-depth posture now reviews, click here.

The benefit that the manufacturer touts is that, as you use the device more and more, you will gradually need it less and less.

Eventually, your muscles will take over and your newly retrained body will be able to support itself and maintain proper posture and, even more than that, proper posture will become the preferred state of your body.

From Other Runners

posture standingChloe Anderson left the following review on Medicine Zine regarding the device:

“I really like using PostureNOW. I can already see the results, I hold my back straighter even when I’m not wearing it.”

This may or may not turn out to be the case for people using the device. Someone like Chloe, who is apparently using the device to correct a simple posture problem, may very well get these results. After getting accustomed to sitting up straight and holding your back in the proper position, it’s possible that your muscles will learn quickly to maintain that position upon removing the brace. Kira Whitaker left the following review on the same site:

“I love this because unlike other braces it is very comfortable and doesn’t restrict your movements. Instead of forcing your posture in correct position, it improves your posture naturally.”

This is another selling point for Posture Now. The company claims that the device is not restrictive, though they do recommend against wearing it while performing activities such as driving or operating equipment.

What The About The Craftsmanship?

Some people on Amazon who have purchased the device have complained about shoddy craftsmanship. They’ve written reviews indicating that the device started to fall apart quite soon after they purchased it and that the sizing wasn’t accurate compared to the articles of clothing that they normally buy.

Mike Lane from Posture Now

Mike Lane from Posture Now

It’s also worth noting that this device is designed to treat simple posture problems, not ones that emanate from serious medical conditions.

Posture Now can be found on the Internet from anywhere between $40 dollars and $60. One thing you may want to keep in mind about this is the fact that Posture Now is really a very simple brace. The entire device consists of two neoprene cuffs and an elastic band.

If you aren’t happy with the device, most resellers will allow you to return it within a specified amount of time, which can offset the risk. There doesn’t seem to be a significant number of imitators on the market at present and Amazon does sell the devices among their stock.

Running the Wind

For people who have posture issues related to bad habits, Posture Now may really help them to correct those habits. In order to achieve the desired results, however, your body will have to be capable of supporting itself correctly. If you have medical conditions that prevent your muscles from supporting your body correctly, you may wish to speak to a physician about an alternative type of brace.

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Finally, if you just want to sit up straighter and be more comfortable, take a look at Posture Now.