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The NIGHTLIFE series presented by Brooks is a exciting race series created by the founders of Happy’s Running Club that celebrates mixing MUSIC+FOOD+ART+EXERCISE(sm). Each event, held at night of course, incorporates the various cultural elements that make Louisiana truly unique.

Now, 2020 is just around the corner, and things will change, big time!

Yes, things will change, but right now there are plenty of good things to keep us happy,” O’Dell said. “People are starting to enjoy each other more, and kids are feeling more confident in themselves. There’s a good vibe, which is a great thing. There’s no doubt that things are better in the community now than they were when we got here.”

These days, O’Dell said, “I find that more kids feel it’s OK to be different, have different thoughts. It’s not a new thing, but the younger generation is very accepting, as opposed to their parents and grandparents. They’re accepting of pretty much everyone in general, which is very healthy. People are losing their fear of people being different, and that’s healthy

Note: There are big Website updates coming in late 2020. Please be patient.

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